This world is a huh huh jo. You can name anything as huh huh jo. People seem can understand what you are talking about anyway. Actually this huh huh jo is not the same as that huh huh jo. You should say huh huh jo not huh huh Jo, get it?

Joshua Song
Name : Joshua Song
Phone : +61 0123 456 789
Email : he@joshsong.com
Address : I don't really know, Australia
QQ : To be announced
Twitter : To be heard
Facebook : What is that?


I enjoy a range of activities and have produced something memorable. This is by no mean complete but can give you an idea about my achievement.


No kid dislikes fun things I suppose. These are my favourites. If you ask me the whole list then you need give me a very long piece of paper to write on.

  • c


    Drawing is fun ...

  • b


    I love surprises ...

  • d


    Who does not like games? I love my footy cards.

  • f


    Listening to great music is my favorite activity although I don't know that yet.

  • p


    Occasionally things are damaged in my hand. This is called experiment. That is where good judgement came from, isn't it?

  • m


    I will find out soon that I do love science.


It is still an early stage of my long journey so there are not many to be listed here. Nevertheless I am very experienced in being a baby. I did not quit nor skip even one hour of my duty.

  • 2009 - 2010

    Chief Commander

    Milk Project

    This period is the highlight of my career because others always bring me what I need without me saying so. I do not have to say anything and it is OK to yell.

  • 2010 - 2013

    Director, Motivator and Inspirer

    Domestic United

    Soft chaos is my most noticable creation. People love that and work very hard to impress me to get more. They, especially my own staff members, often act silly or talk jibberish to get my attention.

  • 2013 - 2015

    Leadership trainer

    King Garden

    I create challenges for people to solve. So they may be better equipped to handle difficult situations in their lives. As a token of appreciation, all my worries of life are taken care of.

  • 2015 - NOW

    Teamwork Facilitator

    Future Institute

    This is a fun place that I love to continue my contribution! Working with like minded people is priceless. All passed my tests!


Do not look at the percentiles but keep watching for the acceleration of these numbers.

French Horn
Coin counting


Feel free to message me as I love to hear your stories and comments.